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We like to give a thorough breakdown of how your order is made and delivered.
We work as a slow fashion business model, we make good quality abaya that will last longer at affordable prices. Which means a majority of the abaya are made on order. Hence there is a small lead time for when you will receive your abaya.
The processing time is 7-8 days, after that allow 4 days of shipping, totally you are looking at 12 working days for your abaya to arrive unless stated otherwise on the product.
Emergency orders 
If you have have personally contacted a member of our team with regards to a particular order and have been promised a shorter lead time, please note that the above will not apply.
Sale and Offer periods 
Due to our slow fashion working model and that we provide a wide range of sizes, busy periods will result to longer manufacturing times
Please understand that at sale or offer times there will be a approximate 4 day delay on all orders unless stated to you personally otherwise.
Courier Services
We reserve the rights to use a courier of our choice that is most effective in reaching to you on time 
Courier delays
Delivery times might vary during public holidays or bank holidays. We will not be held responsible for delays by the courier; at the time of severe weather conditions, natural disasters, or due to any obstruction caused locally for the courier to reach the parcel to you. 


We are NOT responsible for the loss of your order if YOU have given the wrong address. If you have ensured that you have given all the correct details, you are fully insured on the item until it reaches you. All international orders require a signature on delivery; which both parties, us and you have access to.