Modest Rail is an abaya brand that is growing rapidly, giving women around the world modest yet a fashionable take on abayas.

We are based in Leicester, in the U.K and established in 2015. As a hard working woman I realised there is a shortage of online companies giving you designer, stylish abayas that can be delivered to your doorstep. I studied the market for a very long time and what fascinated me was the fact that women that wore abayas wanted something DIFFERENT and not what the mass market is providing which meant that they would need to contact Middle Eastern brands and order them in at high prices. The more I researched the more I discovered that people associated abayas with keywords like black, plain, no colour. I asked women that wore abayas what they wanted; majority of them said they wanted colour! I started my first line that was 30% colour and 70% black which turned out to be a super success, and I was enlightened by the fact that more than 80% of sales were coloured abayas! So that was it, I went and designed a large variety of colourful yet fashionable abayas. I quickly understood that there is no limitations. Today, women that wear abayas are busy, they work, they study, yet there is less to cater for their needs. I wanted to provide for these type of women and find this extremely liberating.

Today, I can proudly say a majority of my customers are happy, we have been growing slowly yet steadily. My brand ships worldwide and my biggest positive factor is that I give the largest variation of sizes, using the slow fashion method, making our company eco-friendly yet custom made, giving it the extra edge of personalisation. So if you’re over 6 foot tall, or even less than 5 foot; yet super slim or even plus size, we can cater for you!

This brand is more of a passion than a business. My biggest priority is customer satisfaction; the biggest aim is to give every single woman a personal shopping experience by making communication key!

We hope you love our abayas as much as we do... 


Modest Rail x