Hajj and Umrah

One of the most important thing about travelling is comfort in dressing, and lets be real, travel outfits have become a thing!

So lets ignore the fashion element when it comes to going for Umrah or Hajj, but let's be real, us ladies just want to be comfortable, and we want our abaya to serve its purpose of being covered yet a tad stylish.

Here at Modest Rail; we have been collecting your thoughts on what the travelling for pilgrimage woman wants. Here's what you guys have told us; loose, simple, minimalist, black, plain. Some ladies wanted the abaya closed yet seamless, yet other ladies wanted press buttons for comfort of putting on and removing. Some women went on to say the kind of cut they would like, the most popular being Bahraini, which is the 'butterfly' style. 

We want to finish by saying; we've got you covered! From your tawafs, Saee and to your Hajj needs to when you're sitting there making your lengthy duas in Arafath; in comfort!  We will be launching this new range next month! 

We hope you love it as much as we do.